Centre for Sight Super Specialty Eye Hospital Banjara Hills, Hyderabad

About Hospital:

  • Centre for Sight Super Speciality Eye Hospital Hyderabad, specializes in Lasik, cataract, glaucoma, SMILE, neuro-ophthalmology, retina, and uvea services.
  • The Centre offers many types of Lasik procedures, including PRK/Surface Ablation, Blade Lasik, and SMILE surgery, to help you get rid of your eyeglasses.
  • The Centre’s wide range of specializations also includes the treatment of many neuro-ophthalmologic troubles such as optic neuritis, optic neuropathy, etc.
  • The eye specialists at Hyderabad centre offer treatment for diabetic retinopathy, retinopathy of prematurity, age-related macular degeneration. It also specializes in treating computer vision syndrome (CVS), oculoplastic facial aesthetics, and ocular oncology.
  • Centre for Sight has carefully handpicked a team of more than 150+ doctors from premier institutions across the country.

Areas of Excellence

  • Specs Removal / LASIK
  • Contoura Vision
  • Bladeless Femto LASIK
  • ICL (Implantable Collamer Lens) – Spherical & Toric
  • SBK LASIK with Custom Q
  • SBK (Thin Flap) LASIK
  • Aspheric LASIK
  • Standard LASIK
  • Refractive Lens Exchange
  • Surface Ablation Procedures
  • ICL
  • Cataract
  • Glaucoma Drainage Valves
  • Glaucoma Surgery
  • Glaucoma lasers
  • Visual Fields Analysis
  • Cyclodestructive Procedures
  • Corneal Transplant Surgery (PK – Penetrating Keratoplasty)
  • Lamellar Corneal Transplants (DALK, DSEK, DMEK)
  • Corneal Collagen Crosslinking (C3R)
  • Keratoconus Treatment
  • Intacs and Intra Corneal Rings
  • Keratoprosthesis
  • Pterygium surgery
  • Amniotic Membrane Transplant
  • Dry eye treatments
  • Retina
  • Retinal Detachment Surgery
  • Diabetic Retinopathy Treatment
  • Retinal Lasers
  • Retinopathy of Prematurity
  • Hypertensive Retinopathy
  • Retina Vascular diseases
  • Retinal holes
  • Retinal and macular degenerations
  • Eye Ultrasound
  • Cryo Procedures
  • Intravitreal Injections/ Anti-VEGF
  • Retinal Angiography
  • OCT Imaging
  • Vitrectomy Procedures
  • Pediatric Ophthalmology & Squint
  • Oculoplasty & Cosmetic Enhancements
  • NasoLacrimal Duct Blockage (NLD Block)
  • Watering Eye Treatment Procedures
  • Ptosis (drooping eyelids)
  • Ectropion / Entropion (out-turned/in-turned)
  • Botox/ fillers
  • Eyelid Reconstruction Surgery
  • Eye socket reconstruction
  • Orbital implants and artificial eye
  • Ocular tumour
  • Enucleation/ Evisceration
  • Neuro Ophthalmology
  • Low Vision
  • Computer Vision Syndrome
  • Repair and Reconstruction
  • Orbital Fractures
  • Chemical Injuries
  • Globe Injuries

Location & Accessibility

  • Situated in Ashoka Capitol, the hospital is reachable from all parts of Hyderabad. Road No. 2, Park View Enclave, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500034 
  • Airport: 50 minutes drive from the airport.
  • Located close to many hotels and guest houses.

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