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    Medical Travel Support

    • 1. Safartibbi offers support for Medical travel in India.
    • 2. Recognized as the world’s most trusted medical advisory platform.
    • 3. Safartibbi does not charge any fees from patients for its advisory services.
    • 4. The platform negotiates with Indian hospitals to secure the best prices.
    • 5. Safartibbi reduces surgery costs in some cases by negotiating up to 20% compared to standard rates.
    • 6. Provides advice on the best treatment options from leading hospitals and surgeons.

    Assisting Patients from Across the World!!

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    We assist patients worldwide, particularly from the Gulf regions and African countries, by offering fast and affordable treatment plans from skilled and knowledgeable doctors. Our services are available in multiple cities within the country, including Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad.

    We are dedicated to becoming the foremost healthcare facilitator in the country, offering patient-centric care by comprehending the entirety of patients’ medical travel needs. We provide comprehensive guidance on top-tier hospitals and the most suitable doctors based on their specific clinical cases. This positions us as the primary and optimal choice for international patients seeking medical procedures in India. Safartibbi.com ensures a comfortable and cost-effective treatment journey for each and every patient.