About Us: We make your treatment journey cost effective & comfortable

Safartibbi.com (Safar and Tibbi are two separate Arabic words that mean Medical Travel) is a medical travel facilitator based in Delhi, India.

Our Mission

Our goal is to have satisfied and happy medical tourists by making their medical travel easy and trouble-free. To achieve this, we remove confusion, anxiety and doubts from the process of making treatment plans abroad, especially in India. We do our best to meet the expectations of medical travelers by helping them with the best healthcare solutions.

How does Safartibbi.com work?

Safartibbi.com provides medical opinions from experienced and expert doctors of top Indian hospitals. We connect with patients seeking healthcare solutions in India, understand their medical history and condition, get their medical reports and then discuss with leading specialists as per their case. Then we help them in choosing the right doctor, best hospital considering their budget. Based on this information, the medical travelers make their own decisions as to where they should go to have their medical care and treatment procedure. Safartibbi.com makes the treatment journey Comfortable and cost effective by providing the treatment plan from expert surgeons and physicians of top class JCI & NABH accredited hospitals.

Safartibbi.com achieves the mission by:

What makes Safartibbi.com different from others?

There are a number of factors which make us different from other medical tourism facilitators.

Safartibbi.com provides second medical opinion:

We, at Safartibbi.com, provide you with second medical opinions from expert doctors. In fact, there is always a need to get more satisfaction by taking other opinions when anyone has a diagnosis in his hand. That is why, we get our patients contacted with multiple doctors to clear all their doubts regarding treatment plans. A complete review of your diagnosis and treatment plan helps you make the right decision about your medical trip.

Accommodation and Medical Visa Services:

Anything that can make your medical journey comfortable in India, we have that. We arrange local SIM cards, local guidebooks, local guide (On Demand) for you as well as assist you with booking the right hotels and apartments as per your requirements. We have a professional team of language interpreters who will be available to help you throughout the entire medical treatment journey and for tourism purposes as well. We send visa invitation letters to patients for obtaining a medical visa and we even guide them how to apply for the visa in their home country. We also offer assistance for online visa application services.

Need Treatment Plan and Opinion from Top Doctors?

Please feel free to contact our friendly and experienced team.

    Medical Travel Support

    • 1. Safartibbi offers support for Medical travel in India.
    • 2. Recognized as the world’s most trusted medical advisory platform.
    • 3. Safartibbi does not charge any fees from patients for its advisory services.
    • 4. The platform negotiates with Indian hospitals to secure the best prices.
    • 5. Safartibbi reduces surgery costs in some cases by negotiating up to 20% compared to standard rates.
    • 6. Provides advice on the best treatment options from leading hospitals and surgeons.