Dr. Mitul Bhatt: Experienced ENT Specialist in Mumbai

Dr. Mitul Bhatt

Consultant- ENT/Otorhinolaryngologist
12+ years of experience
Saifee Hospital, Mumbai

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    About Dr. Mitul Bhatt

    • Dr. Mitul Bhatt, a renowned ENT specialist in Mumbai, boasts 12+ years of experience in the field.
    • Specializing in various areas such as Ear Micro Surgery and Larynx Microsurgery, he offers comprehensive care.
    • Dr. Bhatt’s expertise includes Nasal Endoscopy, FESS, Orbital & Optic Nerve Decompression, and Tongue Tie Release.
    • Actively involved in professional organizations, he is a dedicated member of the AOI.
    • His international recognition includes a Fellowship in Rhinoplasty and Facial Plastic Surgery from Germany.
    • Dr. Bhatt furthered his training with a Fellowship in Otolaryngology and Cochlear Implant Surgery from P. D. Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai.
    • He obtained his MS in Otorhinolaryngology from Maharashtra University, solidifying his academic foundation.
    • Dr. Bhatt’s commitment to excellence and ongoing professional development ensures top-quality care for his patients.
    • With a wealth of experience and a passion for his field, Dr. Mitul Bhatt remains a trusted expert in ENT care.

    Qualification & Training of Dr. Mitul Bhatt

    • MS – ENT , SMF, Miraj, Maharashtra , 2014
    • DNB (ENT) , Delhi University , 2016
    • Fellowship in Otolaryngology,Head and Neck Oncology and Surgery , Hinduja hospital, Mumbai , 2016
    • Fellowship in Rhinoplasty , Marien Hospital, Germany , 2016

    Areas of Clinical interests

    • Micro Surgery
    • Larynx Microsurgery
    • Nasal Endoscopy
    • FESS
    • Orbital & Optic Nerve Decompression
    • Tongue Tie Release


    • Fellowship in Rhinoplasty and Facial Plastic surgery, Germany
    • Fellowship in Rhinoplasty and Facial Plastic Surgery – Marein Hospital, Germany, 2016
    • Fellowship in Otolaryngology and Cochlear Implant Surgery – P. D. Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai, 2016


    • Founder Member Association of Rhinoplasty Surgeons (India)
    • Association of Otolaryngologists of India (AOI)
    • AOI Mumbai West
    • AOI Mumbai

    List of Treatments

    • Balloon Sinuplasty Treatment
    • Cerumen Removal Treatment
    • Dysphagia Treatment
    • Ear Infection Treatment
    • Ear Pain Treatment
    • Ear Piercing Service
    • Ear Wax Removal Treatment
    • Eardrum Rupture Treatment
    • Epistaxis Treatment
    • Foreign Body Ears Examination
    • Foreign Body Ears Treatment
    • Foreign Body Nose Examination
    • Foreign Body Throat Examination
    • General ENT Checkup
    • Hearing Aid Fitting Service
    • Hearing Speech Impairment Treatment
    • Laryngeal Biopsy Procedure
    • Laryngoscopy Surgery
    • Laryngotracheal Anomalies Treatment
    • Microsurgery of the Larynx
    • Nasal Allergy Treatment
    • Nasal Disorders Treatment
    • Nasal Septom Deviation
    • Neck Infection Treatment
    • Nose Bone Growth Treatment
    • Nose Disease
    • Nosebleed Treatment
    • Sinus Allergy Treatment
    • Sinus Excision
    • Sinusitis Treatment
    • Speech Audiometry Treatment
    • Speech Impairment Treatment
    • Speech Threrapy
    • Swallowing Problem Treatment
    • Throat Problem Treatment
    • Thyroplasty Treatment
    • Tinnitus Evaluation Treatment
    • Tonsilitis Treatment
    • Voice Problem Treatment

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