Dr. Surendran R

Consultant, Surgical Gastroenterologist, Chennai
Surgical Gastroenterologista
23+ years of experience
Apollo Hospitals, Chennai

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    About Doctor:

    • Dr. Surendran R is a well known Surgical Gastroenterologist with 23+ years of dedicated experience.
    • He is the pioneer of establishing successful liver transplant, the only of its kind in the government sector throughout India. He also pioneered the establishment of the Cadaver Maintenance Programme, which was a first across the globe. 
    • He has won many accolades for his work having been adjudged Best Doctor by Tamil Nadu Government in 2002. He also received the special mention award in 2010 by Tamil Nadu Government.
    • He is also a member of Indian Medical Association (IMA). Dr. Surendran R bestway communicate in English,Hindi with their patients.

    Qualification & Training of Dr. R R Sudhir

    • MBBS
    • MS
    • MCh

    Areas of Clinical interests

    • Hepatobiliary Disorders
    • Pancreatic Diseases
    • Disorders of the Esophagus
    • Stoma Care
    • Fistula Treatment

    List of Treatments

    • Bowel Obstruction Treatment
    • Crohn’s Disease Treatment
    • Transesophageal Echocardiography – TEE
    • Anti Reflux Procedures
    • Liver Cirrhosis Treatment
    • Colonoscopy
    • Endoscopic Surgery
    • Laparoscopic Sleeve Resection
    • sclerotherapy
    • Foot infection
    • Hair Transplant Surgery
    • Tonsillitis Treatment
    • Gallbladder (Biliary) Stone Treatment
    • Keloid/scar treatment
    • FUT Hair Transplant

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