Dr. Nikhil Yadav: Laparoscopic & General Surgeon in Delhi

Dr. Nikhil Yadav

Director & Senior Consultant
Laparoscopic & General Surgery
26+ years of experience
Aakash Healthcare Super Speciality Hospital, Dwarka New Delhi

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    About Dr. Nikhil Yadav

    • Dr. Nikhil Yadav is a Laparoscopic & General Surgeon in Delhi with a vast experience of 26+ years in this field. 
    • Some of the services provided by the doctor are Pediatric Surgery, Minor Surgery, Bariatric Surgery, Thoracic Surgery and Simple surgery. 
    • Dr. Nikhil Yadav also has a keen interest in Laparoscopic procedures including Bariatric Surgeries, Colorectal surgeries, Hepatobiliary and Hernia surgeries and treating Hemorrhoids & fistula with minimal rate of recurrence.
    • Dr. Nikhil Yadav has successfully performed more than 5000 Laparoscopic Cholecystectomies.
    • Dr. Nikhil Yadav is also an expert of the latest techniques in Proctology including laser techniques.

    Qualification & Training

    • MBBS – University of Bihar, Muzaffarpur Bihar
    • MS (General Surgery) – JLN Medical College, Ajmer, Rajasthan
    • FMAS
    • FIAGES

    Areas of Clinical interests

    • Laparoscopic & General Surgery,
    • Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy,
    • Laparoscopic Appendectomy
    • Haemorrhoids (Stapler and Laser procedures)
    • Fistula surgery


    • Delhi Medical Council
    • Indian Medical Association
    • Association of Surgeons of India
    • Association of Minimal Access Surgeons of India

    List of Treatments

    • Cholecystectomy – Gallbladder Removal
    • Epididymal Cyst Removal
    • Hernia Repair – Epigastric
    • Hernia Repair – Femoral
    • Hydrocele Operation – Adult
    • Pilonidal Sinus
    • Spleen Removal – Splenectomy
    • Femoral Embolectomy
    • Varicose Ulcer Treatment
    • Varicose Vein Removal
    • Haemorrhoids Treatment
    • Stapled Haemorrhoidectomy (Piles)
    • Appendicitis Treatment
    • Pediatric Inguinal Hernia Repair
    • Hernia Repair – Epigastric
    • UL Inguinal Hernia (with Mesh)
    • BL Inguinal Hernia (with Mesh)
    • UL Inguinal Hernia (Laparoscopic)
    • BL Inguinal Hernia (Laparoscopic)
    • Umbilical Hernia
    • Debridement of wound, burn, or infection
    • Bartholin Abscess incision and drainage
    • D2 Gastrectomy
    • Inguinal Hernia Repair Surgery
    • Abdominoperineal Resection
    • Abscess – Intra Abdominal Treatment
    • Abscess Pelvic Treatment
    • Abscess – Subphrenic Treatment
    • Amputation – Above Knee
    • Amputation – Below Knee
    • Amputation – Toe
    • Breast–Wide Excision and Axillary Sample
    • Mastectomy
    • Mastectomy – Male Subcutaneous

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