Dr. Nargesh Agrawal: Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon in Delhi

Dr. Nargesh Agrawal

Pediatric Orthopedics
12+ years of experience
BLK-Max Super Specialty Hospital, New Delhi

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    About Dr. Nargesh Agrawal

    • Dr. Nargesh Agarwal, a highly respected Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon, boasts over 12 years of experience in his field.
    • Presently working as a Consultant Pediatric – Orthopedics in Pediatric Orthopedics department at BLK-Max Super Speciality Hospital, New Delhi
    • His expertise encompasses a wide range of conditions, including the treatment of Congenital and Developmental Deformities like Club Foot, DDH, Children’s Orthopaedic disorders, Limb lengthening, Deformity Correction, Joint preservation, reconstruction, Scoliosis, spinal deformities, Child Trauma, and Fractures.
    • His specialization in paediatric orthopaedics makes him a sought-after expert in addressing complex musculoskeletal issues in children.
    • Dr. Nargesh Agarwal’s commitment to staying connected with leading medical organizations ensures that he remains at the forefront of advancements in his field, offering top-notch care to his young patients.

    Qualification & Training of Dr. Nargesh Agrawal

    • MBBS
    • MS (Orthopaedics)
    • Fellow Paediatric Orthopaedics – JPOA (Japan)
    • Fellow Paediatric Orthopaedics – COC

    Areas of Clinical interests

    • Congenital Developmental deformity
    • Neuromuscular disorder
    • Clubfoot
    • DDH
    • Child trauma and fracture
    • Bone infection
    • Bone tumor
    • Congenital disease and Deformity


    • IOA (Indian Orthopaedic Association)
    • POF (Paediatric Orthopaedic Foundation)
    • ASSI (Association of Spine Surgeon of India)

    List of Treatments

    • Hip Reconstruction Surgery
    • Adolescent and young adult hip
    • Pediatric Hip Dysplasia Surgery
    • Hip Arthroscopy
    • Surgical dislocation
    • Paediatric trauma
    • Spinal deformity
    • scoliosis
    • Craniofacial Reconstruction Surgery
    • Hydrocephalus Treatment
    • Neuroendoscopy
    • Peripheral nerve surgery
    • Spasticity
    • Spinal abnormalities
    • Vascular neurosurgery
    • Ankle Arthroscopy
    • Corrective Osteotomy and fixation and bone graft
    • ligament reconstruction surgery
    • ACL Reconstruction
    • Revision ACL Reconstruction Surgery
    • Patello Femoral Replacement
    • High Tibial Osteotomy
    • Lower femoral Osteotomy
    • Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL) Reconstruction
    • Arthrodesis
    • Septic Arthritis Treatment
    • Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation (ACI)
    • Benign and malignant bone tumours
    • Spasticity Treatment
    • Congenital hand and upper extremity deformity
    • Deformity Correction
    • Congenital Limb Defects Surgery
    • Congenital Pseudarthrosis of the Tibia (CPT) Surgery
    • Foot deformity and reconstruction

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