Craniotomy or Brain Tumor Surgery in India

Craniotomy is a surgical procedure that removes abnormal brain tissue from the patient’s brain. This helps to expose the brain. The surgeon removes the bone flap from the skull at the time of surgery and later replaces it once the brain tumor surgery is completed successfully. 

Symptoms of the disease

The symptoms associated with the brain tumor mainly include headaches, convulsions, seizures, difficulty thinking, loss of balance, dizziness, vision changes, and loss of hearing.

Craniotomy or Brain Tumor Surgery in India: Best Neurosurgeon

Diagnosis and the Right Doctor

A brain tumor is diagnosed with the help of a series of tests, including neurological examination, MRI, and biopsy. A team of medical specialists is associated with brain tumor surgery in India. This includes neurosurgeons, oncologists, neurologists, and radiation oncologists, to name a few. 

Best options for this procedure in India

Brain tumors are successfully diagnosed and treated at the best hospitals known for brain tumor surgery in India. The Neurosurgeon evaluates the patient thoroughly to finalize the treatment plan. Then the surgery is performed under the guidance of the top brain tumor surgeons in India. Various new-age procedures such as Neuro-Navigation, Functional MRI, Intraoperative neuromonitoring, and fluorescence technology are used during brain tumor surgery in India.

Some of the best hospitals for this procedure are;

Apart from that, Various other hospitals across India have started offering services designed for brain tumor surgery to make the process smoother and relaxable for international patients. Most of the Hospitals are accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) and meet almost all the safety requirements specific to healthcare.

Success rate

The long-term success rates of craniotomy or brain tumor surgery in India ranges between 50%-70%. The success rates of malignant tumors are lower than the average survival rate. 

Risk factors

The risk factors associated with craniotomy or brain tumor surgery in India include bleeding, infection, or reaction to anesthesia. In some cases, patients might face difficulty in speaking correctly.

Top Doctors for this Procedure

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